Electric Caliper Brakes

Coremo failsafe electric brakes are designed for industrial applications where pneumatic or hydraulic power is not available.

These brakes cover a clamping force range of 2500 to 5700 [N] and are able to provide cyclic stops varying from 30 cycles/hour, for the 5.7 [kN] version, to 1000 cycles/hour, for the 2.5 [kN] version.
They are able to operate on mains voltage of 110 or 220 [V] and are easy to install thanks to their compact shape.

The short reaction times, the IP 55 protection, the dual reaction spring and sophisticated sensors ensure the reliable high performance of the product during maintenance and in emergencies.

Adjustment to compensate for wear, as and when necessary, is simple and immediate thanks to a hand-operated mechanical system.
On request, electric failsafe caliper brakes can be fitted with a wear indicator and an electromechanical ON/OFF position indicator.

Markets & Applications

  • Energy
  • Other Markets
  • Winches & Cranes
  • Metalforming